A 6 month mastermind + retreat 

for the healer who is ready to

start actively designing her dream life!

ok...QUIZ TIME (select all that apply 😉 IYKYK):

If you answered YES to any of the above questions your are in the right room!

...the room...

...dreamy right?

A little backstory: tbh my life, biz, happiness, health, overall wellbeing SKYROCKETED when I decided to uplevel my support and community.

Who we surround ourselves with matters.

I remember being kinda weirded out the first time I heard the term "mastermind."

Then I joined one (because I do scary stuff all the time) and now I will never NOT be part of one.

And I now I'm convinced there needs to exist a mastermind for healthcare females who want their lives to look like their vision boards. It's as simple as that. 

My 1:1 coaching practice has been booked solid for 7 months (my client resign rate is OVER 90%!! 🤯). So it's time I create a space where I can offer support to a group of you together!

I've spent the last year just toiling over a better name for it 🤦‍♀️  Will people think I'm weirdo? Is there a less business-y name that still captures the concept?

There is not. I stopped caring. And nope. 

So here we are!

It's time to start filling this round of the Brit Stoeckel 2024 "The Year That Changes Everything" Mastermind for creative, multi-faceted, powerful AF women in healthcare! 😝 

You heard it here first! 😉 

Brit's Story

After YEARS of burnout, overcommitting, 80 hour weeks, and people pleasing, I decided to completely restructure my life! I got crystal clear on my core values, developed healthy boundaries, prioritized rest/pleasure, and decided that creating a life that I LOVE mattered and made me a MUCH better resource to my community!

And now I help other healers, nurses, women do the same for themselves! 

Who is this for?

  • For the woman who:
    • has done her work, shown up deeply for herself over the last couple years and is NOW ready to step into EVERYTHING she knows she was meant to be!
    • has a brilliant life brewing and just needs some intentional time/space to make it happen!
    • knows she needs to make some big, scary, exciting transitions
    • craves a life of sisterhood, support and adventure!
    • can't wait to relax on the beach with her new crew!

Is this you??

Here's your next step! 👇🏻

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I help female healthcare professionals *just like you* overcome the unique challenges you face in your career and personal life in tandem with actively manifesting their ideal day-to-day life!

📅  Like how to make a bizarre, rotating schedule support your dream life!

🔥 Like how to leave behind burnout, over-giving, people pleasing, perfectionism, and instead embrace a healthy “receive and give” balance in life!

💆‍♀️ Like how to take such exquisite care of yourself that you can’t help but want to take great care of other people - helping from overflow instead of obligation!


 I work with women who are ready, willing and able to go all in on creating their dream life, health + schedule!

What you/we will have achieved by the end of the year:

  • Collectively set our intentions, vibe, goals for the 6 month timeframe!
  • Create an inclusive, uplifting community of women who are in each others' corners for life!
  • Assess your life-work balance, creatively envision your dream schedule, commit to bold action-taking. 
  • Bravely [with ALL of our support] take action on that one big thing you just KNOW you've been needing to do!
  • Detox your 🗓 calendar, schedule, obligations, commitments until it's in direct reflection of your core values!
  • Logically map out your next THREE phases (1 month, 1 year, 3 years).
  • Celebrate, uplevel, anchor in your favorite version of yourself on the beach with your new mastermind besties! 🌴

What's included?

  • Two Monthly Group Coaching Calls: Dates TBD.

    • laser coaching (time to focus on YOUR specific goals)
    • group problem-solving
    • accountability
    • collaborative upleveling
  • Three 1:1 Coaching Calls: Dive deep into personalized strategies and solutions tailored to your unique goals and challenges.

  • 2-Day Retreat in Miami: Immerse yourself in a transformative experience designed to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit while forging lifelong connections with your fellow masterminds. Dates TBD.

  • Group Chat Support: Stay connected between sessions, ask questions, celebrate wins, and receive support whenever you need it.

  • Bonuses: Lifetime access to all recordings and ALL of Brit's DIY courses!

  • Early Bird Access to 2025 Full-Year Mastermind: Secure your spot in next year's mastermind, featuring *two* enriching retreats and an entire 12 months of support and community!

You might be thinking:


"I’m really busy." I get it. I also have a LOT going on! But being "busy" is a choice and also frequently an excuse to not take action. This mastermind is custom designed to fit seamlessly into your schedule. You're actually going to feel like you have more time on your hands! Go at your own pace, join group discussions when it suits you best, and schedule your 1:1 calls at your convenience. We WILL make this work for you!


"Can I afford it?" Investing in yourself may raise some eyebrows, but like do you actually care about a few random eye-brow-raisers? Picture your future self thriving, well-rested, well-traveled, connected, growing, and traveling with your new besties??? Come on! Also don't forget: You figured out a way to make college happen 😵‍💫. 


"I’ve never heard of a mastermind before." Yes. it's kinda a weird word but it's a powerful concept where driven individuals like yourself come together to support and elevate each other towards shared goals. Think of it as a community of inspiring healthcare women committed to designing lives that feel like vision boards!


"I haven't invested in myself before." Well then... your journey of self-investment starts here! Investing in yourself is not only empowering but essential for your growth and fulfillment. Saying YES is a commitment to your personal and professional evolution, guided by expert coaching and the unwavering support of a your new, adventurous, encouraging besties!


Time / Money / Energy Investment

Be prepared to aside 3-10 hr/mo depending on your goals. This time will be spent on group and 1:1 calls, journaling, meditations, brain dumps, practices, etc!

Pay in Full $4444 (most affordable!)

3 Month Payment Plan $1630 x 3

6 Month Payment Plan $888 x 6 (most flexible!)

Can you see yourself joining us in June!?

Here's your next step! 👇🏻

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