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Client Spotlight: Haley D

client spotlight Sep 07, 2022

During my eight-year career as a nurse in the Neuro-trauma ICU, I’ve experienced several cycles of caregiver burnout. It ultimately led me to delve into a very personal inner and spiritual journey. I was able to creatively explore how I can practice nursing in a way that aligns with my core beliefs and values. I became a Registered Yoga Teacher and Usui Reiki Master. I completed a MS in Complementary and Integrative Health and sought a Health and Life Coaching certificate.
After achieving all of this, I took a big, humble step back and was like, “Well now what?” How can I marry all my passions and education in a way that is meaningful?
We go to nursing school and seek higher education because we have an underlying pull to be in service to others. But nowhere along the way do we learn how to start a side hustle or run a small business. I felt wildly lost. I had a dream to start a business but no clue how to manifest it. I blindly started Third Eye Nurse, LLC, a small business platform for me to serve and coach nurses, and other healers alike, experiencing burnout. However, I still felt as though I wasn’t standing on solid ground. I was truly “winging it.”
I decided to join a nurse entrepreneur mastermind group where I met Brittany. Her personality lit up the group! For the first time I saw someone who was successfully embodying a nursing career that I similarly wanted but could only dream of. I joined Brittany’s Facebook group and decided to watch one of her free monthly workshops. I found myself not only deeply resonating with the content but giggling throughout the entire session at her demeanor and light-hearted energy. I knew in my gut I had to reach out and work with her.
BEST decision I ever made!
Brittany has been my business mentor for a few months now. Even though I was a certified coach, I have never had the experience of being coached or mentored myself. Let me tell you, it is an extremely powerful and humbling experience. I am so proud to have made the decision to invest in myself in this way. I feel like I finally have direction to bring my vision for Third Eye Nurse to life. With Brittany’s support, I am creating a small business that aligns with the life I want to live and the people I want to serve, other healers. I feel confident and on purpose with this new evolution in my nursing career. I not only found the mentor I never knew I needed, but I’ve also found a truly beautiful friendship within the community I love.

Haley Diltz MS, BSN-RN, CCRN, RYT, Usui Reiki Master
Certified Health & Life Coach
Third Eye Nurse, LLC
Email: [email protected]
IG: @thirdeyenurse


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