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Client Spotlight: Sarah M

client spotlight Nov 29, 2022

I spent numerous years in emergency medicine and 8 years in the cardiac cath lab, and I have been traveling for the past 3 years. I've always been in a fast-paced, high stress environment.

In 2021 it started to catch up with me- I was having physical symptoms from anxiety, burnout, and hypervigilance. I had forgotten how to relax and the meaning of self care, and I lost a huge amount of my support system through several unexpected deaths. Besides therapy, I knew I needed someone else's support who truly understood the nursing environment I was in. That's where Brit came in.

I found her through a podcast interview, and joined her group coaching, VIP days, and 1:1 coaching. Through these programs, I have had so much growth amidst the grief. Learning self care has helped me so much, especially with burnout. The bliss life is a true possibility for anyone. I am far from perfect, and I'm continuing to work of self talk and reframing stories in my head. I am looking forward to starting my...

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Client Spotlight: Kathy S

client spotlight Oct 10, 2022

I have been a nurse for over 30 years and have enjoyed all the different experiences that I have had. I obtained my masters in science and became certified as a Nurse Practitioner about 15 years ago. I have worked in cardiology for most of the past 15 years.

With the stress of the pandemic and losing one of our cardiologists to Covid, I realized that I wanted to do something different, but I just wasn’t clear what that would be. I spent some time deciding what that next thing would be and decided that I would go back to school to become a life coach.
I graduated from the health coach institute as a certified life and health coach. Kathy Streb Coaching, LLC became my business. Over the next few months I tried to figure out how to build my business so I could finally quit my 9-5 job. I just didn’t have the knowledge or resources to do that on my own, and I was looking for others who had done similar things.

I found Brittany on facebook. As I watched the content that she had...

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Client Spotlight: Haley D

client spotlight Sep 07, 2022

During my eight-year career as a nurse in the Neuro-trauma ICU, I’ve experienced several cycles of caregiver burnout. It ultimately led me to delve into a very personal inner and spiritual journey. I was able to creatively explore how I can practice nursing in a way that aligns with my core beliefs and values. I became a Registered Yoga Teacher and Usui Reiki Master. I completed a MS in Complementary and Integrative Health and sought a Health and Life Coaching certificate.
After achieving all of this, I took a big, humble step back and was like, “Well now what?” How can I marry all my passions and education in a way that is meaningful?
We go to nursing school and seek higher education because we have an underlying pull to be in service to others. But nowhere along the way do we learn how to start a side hustle or run a small business. I felt wildly lost. I had a dream to start a business but no clue how to manifest it. I blindly started Third Eye Nurse,...

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Client Spotlight: Sammy B

client spotlight Oct 10, 2021


I found Brittany when otherwise I would have either left nursing or dug some kind of metaphysical hole and disappeared!


Instead the Universe brought me a healing relationship!


With someone who understood, someone who had been through burnout and was doing well on the other side.


My spirit saw this and thought, "Oh! A sliver of hope!"


I started my journey bitter, disheartened, totally lost.


I had been to yoga classes in the past but YOGA 101 helped me build an actual practice...surrounded by real support.


It helped something shift in me.


This shift was obvious to everyone.


I started being nice to people and not because I had to but because I wanted to.


And then, something came full circle.


Life is funny that way.


One time, when I was a baby ICU nurse, a senior nurse yelled at me. I was humiliated. 🙁 I thought I wasn’t good enough.


I almost quit.


I didn’t ask...

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