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Client Spotlight: Sarah M

client spotlight Nov 29, 2022

I spent numerous years in emergency medicine and 8 years in the cardiac cath lab, and I have been traveling for the past 3 years. I've always been in a fast-paced, high stress environment.

In 2021 it started to catch up with me- I was having physical symptoms from anxiety, burnout, and hypervigilance. I had forgotten how to relax and the meaning of self care, and I lost a huge amount of my support system through several unexpected deaths. Besides therapy, I knew I needed someone else's support who truly understood the nursing environment I was in. That's where Brit came in.

I found her through a podcast interview, and joined her group coaching, VIP days, and 1:1 coaching. Through these programs, I have had so much growth amidst the grief. Learning self care has helped me so much, especially with burnout. The bliss life is a true possibility for anyone. I am far from perfect, and I'm continuing to work of self talk and reframing stories in my head. I am looking forward to starting my own coaching/supporting business in the future!


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